Rainforest Model


  • Create a realistic model of a rainforest


  • Cut base from 3mm plywood with jigsaw
  • Built terrain with spackle
  • Glued dirt to base, sealed with watered-down glue
  • Painted dirt and rock with airbrush
  • Built trees from wire and clay
    • Added texture to trunk with resin sand medium
    • Painted trunk with airbrush
    • Glued leaves cut from cardstock and then painted green
  • Built smaller plants from cardstock and wire
    • Painted with airbrush, then glued to base
  • Decorated clearing in the middle
    • Added static grass in the center
    • Made flowers from cut, painted construction paper
  • Added extra foliage with moss and static grass
  • Made a monkey from wire and clay, and parrots from cardstock


  • I am very pleased with how the scenery looks
  • Using paper to make the plants worked very well