Nativity Scene


  • Create christmas ornament as gifts for relatives
  • Build process should be scalable so many can be made


  • Stable and manger designed in Rhino
  • CNC toolpath for stable programmed in Fusion 360
  • Stock for milling cut from 2×6 with jigsaw
  • Workpiece milled with ⅜ inch end mill at slow feedrate
  • Stable finished with sanding, wood stain, and varnish
  • Figures inside stable molded from air-dry clay
    • Looks more organic than 3D printed people
  • Painted with acrylic paint and sealed with varnish
  • Star in stable milled from brass on CNC machine
    • Used very slow feedrate with .8 mm end mill
  • Finished with filing and polishing
CNC toolpath in Fusion360
Brass stock after milling star


  • I am pleased with how these ornaments turned out
    • I will use clay again in the future as an alternative to 3D printing
  • I was able to make seven to give as gifts
    • Once the first one was done, I was able to make the rest in batches
    • This process made the painting of the figures much more efficient