UV Curer


  • Create a timer to control a UV light curing system for resin 3D prints


  • Circuit designed in KiCad
    • A monostable timer design based on a 555 chip
    • Timer is connected to a MOSFET to control UV LED strip
  • Design milled into single-sided copper clad board with an engraving bit
  • Through-hole and surface mount components soldered
  • Potentiometer, power supply, and curing enclosure connected
    • The potentiometer sets the relative duration of the timer, and the button is pressed to begin the cycle
    • When the timer runs out, the lights shut off
    • Curing enclosure is a strip of near-UV LEDs inside of a paint can


  • The timer circuit is perfect for my needs – I no longer overcure resin prints
  • Combining the electronics into a case would make system look cleaner
Similar PCB design in KiCad (the PCB I milled is v2.0)
PCB, with components added
The whole setup